Not Solved [Error Message] "Security Issue"
Not Solved
  • Detailed description of your problem: I tried to change a Forum Template file and it gave me an error that said: "A potential security error was found in the template. Please review your changes or contact MyBB Group for Support."

  • URL to your forum/URL to specific problematic page: Photo of Error

  • New installation or upgrade (from which version of MyBB)? Fresh install of MyBB Version 1.8.17

  • Screenshot or error text, verbatim: Code I was trying to use was this as I was trying to change where it said Login and Register to an image that said Sign In using Steam: 
    <span class="float_right">    <a class="button4 login" href="{$mybb->settings[\'bburl\']}/misc.php?action=steam_login">        <img src="images/revolution/steam.png" alt="Login through Steam">    </a></span>
Many Thanks
Not Solved
You need to remove the backslash from the variable. So it should be:

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