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Not Solved Cannot register a new account
Not Solved
I have not had any registered users in a while so I tired setting up a new account.  I got the message below:

Our systems detect that you may be a spammer and therefore you have been denied registration. If you feel this is a mistake, please contact the Administrator.

Earlier today I upgraded to 1.8.17 and tired setting up a user account.  I tried several different emails and got the same response as above.  

Is this a setting in the configuration or is something else going on.  


Thank you.
Not Solved
In ACP > Configuration > Login and Registration Options can you try disabling Hidden CAPTCHA.
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Not Solved
Thank you for the suggestion.

It was already disabled.
Not Solved
(08-20-2018, 01:17 AM)jwozni2 Wrote: Thank you for the suggestion.

It was already disabled.

Disable IP check, email check for spammers inside ACP > General Settings > Stop Forum Spam (10 Settings)
This will fix it Smile
Not Solved
IP check and email check for spammers was already disabled.

The minimum stop forum spam weighting was set to 50. Would that affect it?

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