Not Solved Unknown htaccess issue
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I wanted to protect my website with htaccess. Two locations - public_html and wp-admin (wordpress).

Now I want to remove the public_html protection - my assumption is that I should simply remove the .htaccess file from the public_html. Thats what I did. I kept the one in wp-admin.

Now when I enter my website .. it shows up, and asks me to enter the same login password as the wp_admin.
Why is that? 
I thought that perhaps I can create a new .htaccess file that disables the window that pops up and asks me for my credentials. But how, and is it really what can help me?

Thanks in advance!
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That situation should never happen. an htaccess file in a subfolder cannot affect the root. You're better off asking your host for assistance with this - not a MyBB issue at all.
What goes around comes around
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Okay.. I mean, I know that its not related to myBB and I am sorry to describe my situation here. On the other hand - my topic was created under a strong impulse and it was supposed to seek emergency!

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