Upgrade from MyBB 1.8.6 to current version

My client's previous MyBB developer has gone missing. And while I can poke around a bit, I do WordPress, not MyBB, and the versions are too far apart for me to want to try the upgrade myself.

My client's install is MyBB Version 1.8.6
It also uses TapaTalk plugin for mobile.

The forums are here: https://www.smoms.org/smomsbb/index.php
The database is over 300MB, and I remember seeing something about 16,000 records, but am not sure if that's accurate. There are some forums that can only be seen, if you are logged in.

My client needs to hire someone to upgrade her MyBB or to export current forums to a new install, so I would like to know what you can do and your experience, and a ball park estimate, if possible.

(It looks like work is continuing on MyBB, and I like the upgrade strategy of rewriting the code base a little at a time. And the responsive upgrade will be nice.)

You can respond here or to me privately (I think.)

Thank you!
I am interested, you can contact me at skype: iWallBB

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