Not Solved [General] What are you cache settings?
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Hello everybody!

I'm using cloudflare free plan on my website running with the latest MyBB version.When i modify,for example,my global.css template,i need to login to my cloudflare account and use the function PURGE CACHE to see the modifications.

I can even try hard refreshing my browser or even try after a day,i won't see the modifications done until i purge cache on cloudflare.

So,i would like to ask you,in case you are using cloudflare or have any knowledge about it,what are your settings?

How can i avoid the headache of loggin in everytime on cloudflare after making a modification?

Thankyou in advance.
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It sent me crazy the first time I implimented Cloudflare, then spent hours trying to work out why my CSS changes weren't updating!

That is one of Cloudflare purposes; you could lessen its own purpose via "Cloudflare’s Caching Levels", but you shouldn't IMO as it may slow your site down.

Instead, turn on "development mode" when making large-scale changes, which bypasses Cloudflare own cache and return your sanity! Note that "development mode" turns off after a certain amount of time has passed
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I also went crazy here .

Then i understood where was the problem.However,i will check out that option.

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