Not Solved Can't see formatting in forum announcements
Not Solved
I have just created my first forum announcement. The announcement includes formatting, including bold and italic styles, a bulletted list, and a couple of hyperlinks. I applied the formatting in the usual way, using the toolbar above the box where you compose the message.

Everything looked OK while I was editing it, but when I came to view the announcement in the forum, I could only see the source code of the formatting, that is, things like [b] and [ list], not the formatting itself.

I have never had any problems with formatting in other parts of the forum. Everything always appears as expected in ordinary posts and PMs.

Can anyone throw any light on this?


Problem solved.

I see now that you need to use HTML to do the formatting rather than the codes with the square brackets. I have edited the text accordingly, and it now works perfectly.

It's curious that we have two different ways of applying formatting: one for announcements and the other for everything else. But not to worry.


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