MyBB 1.8.19 Pre-Release Build
A preview version of MyBB 1.8.19 expected to address high-priority regressions and other minor issues is now ready for public testing.

During this phase we welcome board administrators, developers and our Community to verify installation, upgrading, compatibility, and general stability using test and/or staging environments before an official upgrade is released and applied to live boards.

Download from GitHub:

* Non-production use only: Pre-release versions, including upgrades to/from/between them, are generally not supported. Test packages may contain errors that may be difficult to recover from on active boards.

* Pre-release: The software can be installed or upgraded by placing/overwriting files from the package. The final release may include further modifications including those addressing security issues, and separate update packages for use with the previous version.

* Dynamic build: The provided code is attached to a repository tag that may be updated when additional public updates are pushed.

Resolved Issues:

Comment: This update includes improved compatibility with PostgreSQL and resolves regressions from previous versions. Administrators may need to update CSS code in global.css for customized themes.

Testing focus:
Please report suspected issues related to this update here or on our Discord in #18-development.
Go to to report possible security concerns or to learn more about security research at MyBB.

If you would like to contribute to the Project, Get Involved.

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Since development of 2.0 is halted and the team is focused on 1.8.x releases, are there any plans to include the mentions feature and Xthreads in the core of the product?

I've personally felt that one of MyBBs strongest points was Xthreads as an addon because it allows the forum to become a useful CMS in a sense.
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