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Not Solved [How To?] MyBB Login glitch?
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So, basically I have a steam login plugin for MyBB (https://github.com/noxwyll/Steam-Login-MyBB-1.8). You can no longer login to the forums at inductionservers.com/forums with your steam account. If you try to login with the administrator account with the site, it will persist that you're not logged in.

As shown here:
I have tried everything I know of to get this to work, I honestly do not have any ideas.

I then uninstalled the steam plugin which allows people to login via steam. 

I then tried to login to mybb forums with the default admin account, it says I was logging in but then I just get redirected back to the standard forums page not logged in, the same was I was treated with the steam plugin. (inductionservers.com)

Thank you guys!
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See thread Login/Logout problems? PLEASE READ.
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(2018-09-13, 12:43 AM)Wires Wrote: See thread Login/Logout problems? PLEASE READ.

Appreciate it mate. Helped me out big time.
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