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2.0 ACP Missing .lang file
Hello Dear MyBB Community,
Recently it came up to my head how irritating is to get some errors.
Now errors are very important and there's not one error alert that should be ignored,
But what if we could make it more friendly...

Alot of users in this community are using other languages other then english,
Most of those users are using plugins on their boards and most of the plugins are in english.
What happends when you're using let's say russian in your acp and you're trying to modify a plugin with no translation
You are going to get a big bulky ugly error that wont let you access even though it's not that a big of a deal.
What we can do instead of showing this terrible error is implement a code that will search for other .lang file and there's always a english .lang file for a plugin with admin configurations and use that file and show a message that say's "You are now using a english version of the page because a russian version wasn't found".

Its just that little touch that makes a big difference for your users expirience.

Cheers, Afik.

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