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Looking for developer for big MyBB project
Hello everyone! I'm currently starting a big general discussions/marketplace MyBB forums and have plenty of ways of getting traffic and such for this forums. We are currently in search of a good developer to join the team as it is only me and a friend right now, so basically it will consist of us three. There will be payments involved, and we are looking for someone really experienced in the scene. Please PM me for more information! 

What is required?

Please do not PM me for support. I am looking to be hired for paid services.

You can view my paid services here.
(09-15-2018, 07:30 AM)Ben Wrote: What is required?

Just able to fix up the forums, add some unique stuff etc. 

Gonna need an experienced developer to help keep maintenance. Plenty of traffic will be there, and good pay will be involved for my team which will consist of 3 members including you (if you joined).

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