Not Solved After Migration 1.8.6 no more template categorys
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Hi, i'm new here, my first posting and i'm fairly new to myBB. I have a client project with MyBB 1.8.6 and first task was Migration to a new server. All went well and all is running. It's a cloned forum running now on a different server.

One of the next tasks will be updating to the last version and selecting another template to make the forum responsive. ok, i just started with all this and have to read a lot to understand.

But one strange thing i saw today and this is the reason for my thread.

in the old forum when i go to ACP >> templates and style >> templates >> my theme (seems to be the default templates) >> i see a list like
"Announcement Templates
Calendar Templates
Edit Post Templates
Error Message Templates
Footer Templates
Forum Bit Templates ......."

so i can easily go to "header templates" and edit something.

in the new cloned forum same path i see a list
Templates ......."

so the names dissapeared ??

also the order has clearly changed, see list above, f.e. the second "Calendar Templates" i find as first entry, the first "Announcement Templates" i find as the second one, but only named as "Templates". "Member Templates" i find at third place which is originally at 14th place.

Anyone had this before or knows what is going wrong here?

I'm wondering if there is also something else what is not correct.
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Make sure you have all language files uploaded. You can do a file verification under the tools menu of the Admin CP.

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