Not Solved Admin CP , Illegal string offset 'flash_message' - Line: 134
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I just installed a new version of MyBB on a IIS server, Godaddy, Plesk setup. 
I couldn't get to the Admin CP, it blew up before the uid/pwd screen appeared.
My php version is 5.6l MyBB 1.62,
Trying to do version check but it says re-try in a few minutes.

Warning [2] Illegal string offset 'flash_message' - Line: 134 - File: G:\PleskVhosts\MyBB\admin\inc\class_page.php PHP 5.6.33 (WINNT)
File Line Function
G:\PleskVhosts\MyBB\admin\inc\class_page.php 134 errorHandler->error
G:\PleskVhosts\MyBB\admin\modules\home\index.php 40 DefaultPage->output_header
G:\PleskVhosts\MyBB\admin\index.php 483 require

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The support of Support for MyBB 1.6.x has endedHuh

Maybe the Archive Forum MyBB 1.6 can search some documentation about your Question
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I didn't realize this version I'm using is that old.

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