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Not Solved Message Remove/Restore Buttons After 1.18.19
Not Solved
If I remember correctly, before I upgraded to 1.8.19 when you remove a message (just hide, not remove entirely) the option in postbit was changing to Restore, now when I remove it, I still see "Remove" option there and I can click it - it gives an error.

I upgraded from 1.8.17 and I added those lines to global.css: .postbit_qrestore,
.post:not(.deleted_post) .status_type,
.post.deleted_post .postbit_mirage {
    display: none;

When I check "Default" theme, I see "Restore" option on every post in forum - even though they are not removed and Remove & Restore options on already removed post. I checked and those additions on global.css exist in Default theme global.css aswell.

So what's missing?

EDIT: I fixed the first part after updating templates, but Default theme is still having issues.
Not Solved
Your default templates have not updated. You need to check the release notes for .18 ( and .19) to find the templates that have changed, and modify yours accordingly. The bulk of the template changes were in the .18 upgrade. In the postbit templates.
What goes around comes around
Not Solved
If there's a change in 1.8.18 and I don't apply them, let's say after upgrading 1.8.19 do I still see those changes in Upgraded Templates page?

Since I upgraded directly from 1.8.17 to 1.8.19 I don't think this should be the case though, I will check it again.
Not Solved
The default templates should change after upgrading, but i have seen cases where they don't for whatever reason.
What goes around comes around
Not Solved
Yeah, sometimes it happens, but not so often, that default templates are not updated (don't know why).
Then it's just the matter of restoring templates to their original version via ACP. Please note, that if you made any customizations in default theme it will change it back to default MyBB theme.

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