IMDb plugin for mybb 1.8
(2018-10-04, 08:10 PM)thor2705 Wrote: Added some more feature (actors pics and more info),  to see them please visit:
and follow any link that has imdb in it.
I still want to add more actors pics, and  I will release it.

A few previews.

I released the plugin. It is FREE. 
Download: Here
Demo: Any link containing imdb
License:  License

Have fun

personally i think poster + movie info + imdb link is good enough :p
(2018-10-05, 06:51 AM)8guawong Wrote: personally i think poster + movie info + imdb link is good enough :p

I will add setting so users (better said the admins) will be able to choose what they want to show (actors pictures or not, how many of them, how long the story-line). This will minimize the time to load the page. 

I still can add some other text info like: songs, goofs, trivia, links to actors  and directors.
If anyone wants these features., please let me know.
Links are broken. Any way to download it somehow?

Edit: Found it
Omg after a few edits this is a real treat and fantastic does just what I want.
It looks cool, beautiful and there is nothing superfluous
Yes but I have noticed an error when editing a user account an error after save movietag.lang.php cant be found

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