Guests Registration Invite v2.0
Plugin: Guests Registration Invite
Update from mybb 1.4
Works for 1.4, 1.6 and 1.8

The plugin is showing a bar to the: guests, users that require authentication, banned users. The bar has different colors and messages for different users.
At this moment the plugin is translated in english, french, bulgarian, dutch, hebrew, portuguese, italian and romanian 

Copy the file warnguests.php in: /inc/plugins folder
Copy the file warnguests.lang.php in: /inc/languages/YOUR LANGUAGE folder
Copy warning.gif and warning1.gif in: /images folder
Copy regbar.css in: /css folder (if it doesn't exist create one in the root of your forum)
If you use a right to left language use the regbar.css file from the zip file instead of the one in the css folder.
Activate from AdminCP
The test site:
download: or at the test site
License in the file or at:

Test Accounts:
Guest no account
Banned user: test_ban
Password: abcd1234
User awaiting activation: test_activ
Password: abcd1234
After 7 days of waiting for the plugin release post to be approved I decided all the support for my plugins will be done on Plugin Support Site

I will not upload anymore updates for this plugin on this site.

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