Random welcome message on registration 1.4, 1.6 and 1.8
Random welcome message on registration 
This plugin will post a message every-time a new user joins your forums.
The message will be posted in a forum that can be chose from the AdminCP, by a user that can be selected from the settings.
There are 3 different subjects that can be created by the admin and also 3 different message bodies that can be filled by the admin.
The messages and subject will be posted randomly giving the impression that there are not automatic but posted by a person.
A total of 9 different combinations will be  generated.

The plugin can be modified to add more messages or more subject lines.
The plugin is free, in the limits of the license.
The results can be seen: http://www.ignea.ro/forumdisplay.php?fid=4 I was kind of lazy and only change numbers in the messages.
The license: http://www.ignea.ro/license.php
Plugin was released
The plugin is FREE

How to use it:
Copy all the files in their respectiv folders
Activate from AdminCP
Go to settings and chose the forum where you want the posts to be made
Chose the user who will "post" the welcoming posts
Modify the 3 subjects line as you wish
Modify the 3 messages ad you wish

Download: Here
Test: a few posts
License: License

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