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Hi all,

For the past couple of days now, i cannot seem to login to my admin account on my MyBB forum.

Try as i might, i have tried several times to reset, but now it says, even after i enter in the Captcha correctly and the temp password, keeps saying entered in wrong details.

So i need some advice, not very techie with running SQL etc, so any advice gratefully received.
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see SQL queries guidance here

assuming that your user ID is 1 (first registered member on your forum), you can use below SQL query
UPDATE mybb_users SET password = 'requiredPassword', salt = '' WHERE uid = '1';
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Thanks, at the risk of asking a silly question, after i paste this into the SQL window to run.
How do i run it, do i click update?

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^ in general, Go named button is used to run SQL queries on phpMyAdmin.
above suggested tutorial topic has images to provide better guidance.

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