Not Solved login problem with my forums
Not Solved
I have an issue where when I log into my forums it doesn't show that I am logged in.  Sometimes it will show after a second time of logging in but most of the time I end up logging in twice and end up clicking on a subforums before it shows.

I have looked up this problem and originally found a post where the person changed the header cache to yes and that worked for them, but it has not worked for me.

(path that fixed their problem)
Go to Admin CP > Configuration > Settings > Server and Optimization Options > Send No Cache Headers > Yes.

(original post with that problem)

Since that didn't fix my problem I started looking around and found that this section has doubles of everything.  (see picture attached) (Yes, I have installed my forums a few times, but no I don't know how to get rid of the other copy of these sections if that is the problem, so please instruct how if this is the problem.)

(please excuse lack of pic, I have browsed, opened, and add attachment several times (and a few without add attachment, but it's not showing))

*Also, if anyone is curious, I am building an all inclusive prepper site and forums at

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

The problem has seemed to have worked its way out. Still, is it normal to show double?

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