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[For 1.8] Letter Avatars 1.0.2
(2020-09-17, 01:36 PM)Shade Wrote: TopStats applies an unnecessary htmlspecialchars_uni() to all avatar urls before they are formatted by format_avatar(). Long story short, & becomes & and this breaks image processing.

To solve, open inc/plugins/topStats.php and get rid of all htmlspecialchars_uni() applied to avatar urls. You can easily spot them by looking for the string "format_avatar(htmlspecialchars_uni(". Eg.:

$useravatar = format_avatar(htmlspecialchars_uni($row['avatar']), $row['avatardimensions'], my_strtolower($this->getConfig('AvatarWidth')));


$useravatar = format_avatar($row['avatar'], $row['avatardimensions'], my_strtolower($this->getConfig('AvatarWidth')));

Shade! Thank you. I'm about to go purchase your plugins.
Hey Shade,

Same thing is happening with "Last Poster Avatar" plugin when showing the Letter avatar, it shows the avatar as double letter, rather than single letters. Can you please help with this as well?

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