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cant loggin into civilea
my user is  kln258  im a subscriptor member  but today   introduced the name and password,  appear the popup "logged successfull .. redirection to last window"   and carry me to "home"  and on the upper right side not appear my name .  go to any  page and say that i have no privilegies.  i tried to reset  my pasword and nothing

which is my status??   how i can solve it?   is  your web  with problem.

sorry for my english mistakes and thans in advance/  atte /   kln258"

the answer ( thanks for that)  was  "delet cookies  and clear cache"

but  nothing

other months ago

sorry  on my firefox only one time  loggin  affter  the resset.  the bad news is the resseting process resset my passwords.  actually  i cant loggin ....  on my cellphone have the same problem... so the problem is not my laptop .....
it would be better to contact administrators of that forum (contact form)

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