Better report system
Once a post gets reported it will go to the admin section like usual for the admins/moderators. 

However, for the one that reports the report will become a sort of mail in inbox. 
On the report itself it can be discussed with a chat/mailing function with the reporter. 
Next to this the admins/moderators are capable to start a private discussion on the report that stays among the admins/moderators.

Reports often require questions/discussion. Additional information after the report being made is sometimes required. It is more conventient to have a normal chat to type then the text small area of report reason. 
Next to that the admins/moderators are capable to mark it as solved while the reporter knows about it.
Often reports require admins/moderators to discuss the situation and what the best solution is. Therefor there needs to a system that allows the admins/moderators discuss that particular report.

How does it look like:

The reporter:
1) The reporter reports the post.
2) The reporter sees the report with a tag in his mailbox directed to all staff that manages the forums (admins/moderators).
3) The mailbox report will contain the following:
- Person who reported
- Person who is reported (poster name)
- The report reason
- (Optional text for report reason)
- Quote of the post reported

4) The reporter can provide additional information regarding the report in the mailing system.

The forum managers (admins/moderators):
1) Receives same old notification of a report.
2) In the report section the reports gets shown like usual.
3) The report has two links underneath somewhere:
- Report Discussion: Discussion for both the reporter and the forum managers (admins/moderators).
- Private Discussion: A discussions thread on the report but private for only the forum managers (admins/moderators).
4) Can mark the report as solved.

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