Large Project: Looking for a dev
So, basically, I am trying to turn my board into a game more or less. My users already do all of this stuff themselves manually, but would love to get it all built into databases and take the user error out of the equation. There are lots of reasons why am I looking for this, but need to find a dev willing to take on such a large project. Please let me know if you think this is something you'd be interested in working on Smile

PixelRacer.Life - Pixel Car RPG Forum Game

[Image: mockup2.jpg]

The entries into this category would include a title, image, and the entry's stats.
- Vehicles
Each vehicle has 4 predetermined stats. Horsepower, Weight, Class, and Grip

The entries into this category would include stats, price, and a description.
- Stat Changes
Whenever a player buys a part, it will automatically adjust the player's stats for that vehicle.

Player Garages
Would need a page that shows the users all of their purchased vehicles in 'slots'.

This is a quickly made mockup for the garages.

[Image: garagemockup.png]

I can provide further details and examples for everything. Just let me know if you have any questions. You can reach me on Discord at Nismo#0001. I am also usually logged in here so you can send a message here as well. Thank you for taking the time to view the plugin request and I look forward to discussing with you further.
Is this for FiveM?
(2018-10-24, 12:19 AM)HeatChill Wrote: Is this for FiveM?

No, it's not. Our players take 'stock' vehicle base images in pixel art, and customize them. It's all a self-contained forum game.

Found a developer to work this out for me! Thank you MyBB.

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