Not Solved How to display number of threads within category (forumdisplay template)?
Not Solved
Is there a straightforward way to display the thread count of a category inside the category itself, within the forumdisplay template?

{$threads} seems to do the job within the index template, however it breaks the forumdisplay template when included.

Also, which forum announcement plugin does this forum use? The "Latest MyBB Release: MyBB 1.8.19 Released — Security & Maintenance Release (September 11, 2018)" announcement, for instance.


Secondly, is there a way to check or display the subscription status of a thread or forum? Again, doing this through the template (or printing a variable using the conditionals template) would be great. The idea here is to change the appearance of a custom subscription button:

<?php if ($subscriptionvariable = 1) {echo "<div subscribed>; else echo <div notsubscribed>; ?>

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