Not Solved MyFlatboard 3 theme utterly broken
Not Solved
Installing the MyFlatBoard 3 theme I found very little works as it should.

It is not even possible to activate all three of the plugins that come with it 'out of the box' - the 'Shows Avatar on Threadlist and Forumlist' plugin triggered the following error :

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:[/b]1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near 'rows FROM mybb_settinggroups' at line 1
QueryConfusedELECT COUNT(*) as rows FROM mybb_settinggroups

I was able to overcome this first bug by manually installing a more recent version of the plugin from GitHub -

But once enabled, the result was duplicate avatar images side by side for every post.

I was able to overcome this by deleting and reinstalling the theme.

Also the installed fonts that come with the theme were given names starting with capital letters, which meant they could not be found (revealed error 404 message when I used the Chrome Browser right mouse button  'Inspect' menu item).

I solved this by renaming them with all lowercase, but Chrome still reported a missing 'bxloader.gif; file and a missing bxslider directory.  Not sure if these had anything to do with the outdated/incompatible plugin or not, but the issue seemed to disappear when I reinstalled the theme.

Things I have not been able to solve include:

The PurgeSpammer function is missing for posts in the moderation queue - though to be fair this was a problem with my previous theme as well.

Once logged out, it is no longer possible to log back in with valid credentials

Clicking the 'lost password' recovery button and supplying the correct email address just causes the screen to flicker, but with no other response.
Switching the theme back to my previous one, even after clearing cache, my same login credentials do still work under that theme.

Even though this Flatboard 3 theme is advertised as responsive, it is simply not responsive at all.  On my Galaxy S9, which has a decent sized screen, text is vanishingly small and unreadable, and it spans far off to the side rather than wrapping if I zoom in.

Also weird sporadic formatting issues with images embedded in posts floating over postbit buttons.

Finally, even though my selected language is English, there is a lot of what I assume is Polish language text floating around with no immediately obvious way to replace it with an English equivalent (nothing obvious found in files in the inc/languages folders), unless user is prepared to figure out by painful trial and error what templates need to be edited.

The theme shows a lot of potential to look very good, but as-is where-is, it appears to be in a catastrophic pre-alpha state.

I don't know how it was possible this was released as 'stable' - unless something was profoundly different about the theme author's setup?

 Does anyone know a way to fix at these apparent bugs - particularly the responsive issue? (not worth trying to solve the others if responsiveness won't ever work)

 Are all these known problems with the theme?
Paul King
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