Auto close threads at a set time
Would it be possible to create a plugin (or does one already exist? I searched but didn't see anything) that the thread-starter (or admin/mod) can set a predetermined time for the thread to automatically close?
Our board has post deadlines for a writing competition and this is a feature I had on a paid board years ago, it was great for preventing people from posting a minute or two late and expecting their post to be counted.
you can try using delayed moderation facility available at the Moderation Options section of a thread.
[near bottom right of a thread page]

more details --> MyBB: Moderation
That doesn't appear to allow you to set a specific time, just a number of days. That would make the thread close at the same time the thread was made, just however many days later. We would need it to close at the deadline time, regardless when then thread was made.
^ moderation date & time can be changed as required. see this image
Beautiful! Never noticed that before... thanks! Big Grin

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