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Not Solved [How To?] to fix text display ?
Not Solved
Hello MyBB Support,

I've a small problem in my community and I would fix it as soon as possible 

I've 2 languages in my forum arabic and english OK

when I insert an english text the display is normal with english language of Mybb  like in the 1 picture (see attachment)

when I insert an english text the display in anormal with arabic language of Mybb like in the 2 picture (see attachment)

The question ? how I can Display a normal english text with arabic language of Mybb ???

Thanks in advance Blush

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Not Solved

I don't know if there's a plugin for that, but I'll create a MyCode of a CSS, that when you select it, it creates a Div with:
style="direction: ltr;"
 in it.

So, when somebody try to insert english text in arabic language by default, with this MyCode it'll show as wanted.
I don't answer questions about localhost forums or forums without URL, I'm not a seer.  Cool
Not Solved
Even when I Insert a code, quote, php code from left to right same problem !
many users of my community does not support the current text editor...I would ask if there is any plugin or some thing to slove the issue thank you in advance.

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