Not Solved I cannot for the life of me send email from mybb whether php or smtp
Not Solved
Version is 1.8

The site is

I use hostgator. I created a new email that receives admin stuff, i.e. [email protected]

They give me smtp credentials. I copy everything.

I go to ACP > General Configuration > and then change the master email from webmaster to admin. 

Under ACP > Mail settings, i tried both php and smtp. Since I don't know php and not a programmer, I used smtp. Bear in mind, I tried as many possibilities as I could have thought up in php, and nothing. So, I changed to SMTP and put in the configuration hostgator provided.

I used the main email address as login, along with the same password. I then played around with the encryption, as outgoing server, port 465, even with no encryption, port 25. Absolutely nothing.

I tried creating new user accounts and not have any confirmation emails sent whatsoever. I tried emailing to myself with the test account, absolutely nothing. What is wrong? help! Thanks.

Ok, I just installed the latest version post 1.8, same EXACT problem as the above. Please help. Thanks.
Not Solved

the version of your MyBB forum is 1.6, NOT 1.8:
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Try to install the last version.
I don't answer questions about localhost forums or forums without URL, I'm not a seer.  Cool

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