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Xyaena's Forums v1.4 Open Alpha
Xyaena's Forums, what else is there to say? This is a forum frequently updated and with staff members who are friends with the Webmaster.


We offer the following on the forums:
  • Live chat with service

  • Guest and Member rooms for dedicated members and guests alike who would like to chat

  • Working MyBB RSS (v2.0 supported!) for selected forums or the entire forum

  • Forum Games

  • Staff members who are friends with me
  • Post, get daily benefits, and use those Xyaena Points to get VIP! (No form of auto-redeeming plugin so far)
  • Events
  • Anime and Manga news
  • Software/Hardware Gore
  • Who doesn't like themselves Engrish?
  • Forum boards that actually host update patches, mod statuses, and of course, maintenance times
  • No status page needed, we have it all on the Index page!
  • Multiple themes (not all are completed)

  • Xyaena's English added upon the default MyBB English (not completed)
  • MyBB v1.8.19
  • Working Email service, send a message our way anytime!
Before registering, see our Terms of Agreement and Policies as well as our Privacy Policy before registering. You may enter the site without seeing the two above links here. Did I mention we are running an event through 11/19/18 for free VIP benefits right now?

We hope to see you there!
~ Webmaster Xyaena - Xyaena's Forums
[Image: 5wvYHj3.png]
Xyaena's Forums Webmaster
Forum's offline, unfortunately, because we've been unable to get the domain paid in time. Rest assured, we will be back on soon.
[Image: 5wvYHj3.png]
Xyaena's Forums Webmaster
I can see a range of problems with your staff being friends with you...
[Image: kAhpvOW.png]

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