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Hi all

I am running a mybb site in which users belong to "teams" and have discussions on the forum.

We have set it up so that the "displaygroup" of users' posts in mybb is their team logo that the "team captain" chose during registration via a web link to the logo of their choice.

This is working fine, but I have two issues I'd like to fix:

1) is there a way to specify maximum dimensions of the displaygroup image as displayed in the header of the users' posts on mybb?  

We have one example where the logo link the team captain chose must have been to a high resolution logo and it is displaying at like 400 x 400 in the forum headers, which looks pretty ugly and distracting.  I'd like to limit it to, say, 100 x 100

2) If a team captain fails to include a team logo link, we give that team's users a default logo.  That's OK for now.  But what I would like to do instead is (as a default in case of no logo) to simply display the team name (in text) in place of the displaygroup image for those users in the forum.

Can anyone think of a way to substitute text for the displaygroup image IF the team has no logo?

thank you for any help on either or both issues!
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You can do something with HTML /CSS where you style the image of the group to say 50em, 50em or 250px, 250px

Width="50em", | Get your first month of hosting for $0.01 USD with Promo Code: Hexeus
[Image: 12946833.gif]

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thanks @Zaqre, but where would I add this styling?  I'm not sure where the display formatting for the displaygroup image in the forum is called up.  Presumably this is somewhere in the bowels of the ACP, but I don't know where to look.
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I am adding in another comment here because a couple months later I have still not solved this issue. Thanks for any advice!

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