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Bilibili Videos Embed
I have recoded the MyBB-Editor bridge intentionally in a way that its now very easy to include any video support.
Its at the very top of the js file. I prefer not to mess with the availability of video embeds which is already in core and users are free to extend the list at their own with very less effort.
[Image: logo.svg.svg]
Thank you @"Euan T", exactly my point. This is a small feature that can easily be added (and I already provided the code), in future versions this will make it easier for me to upgrade the forums because I don't have to modify these files over and over. And having support for Bilibili in MyBB seems positive to me, because of Chinese users.

@effone Sounds interesting, I haven't upgraded to 1.8.21 yet but when I do I'll let you know my opinion. ^^

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