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Hello, good evening everyone!

As part of a game project, I have to take care of the forum in question and so I decided to turn to Mybb under the latest version (1.8.19). I installed a theme on it (vienna) that has parts in English that I translated.

With this theme, I currently encounter esd concerns that I can not find the solution, being resourceful, I look for several solutions to the problems but nothing works.

The first concern comes from the connection box of the theme, indeed as we will see in the screen below, when a user wants to connect, the connection box is displayed at the corner of the page, at the bottom left here. I looked a little in the CSS and I managed to tweak it a little by modifying some parameters like margin, border, etc ...
Another thing about this concern, under mozilla firefox it shows me in the same place, only a quarter of the box.

Adding to this concern that once logged in under the mozilla browser, the forum is narrowed to the right as shown in the screenshot below.

The forum is local, if need of access, this should be done via TeamViewer for example. (if it is suitable and / or if there is better solution)
I thank you very much for your reading and help.
I remain at your disposal for further information.
Not Solved
looks like Vienna theme is not updated recently & requires a
number of changes to work fine with recent versions of MyBB.

I'd suggest to use some other theme which is recently released / updated

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