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Not Solved why search engines can't found topics in my community !
Not Solved

why search engines can't found topics in my community ! 

Sreach friendly = Enabled
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How did you search / find out ?
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(12-03-2018, 03:46 PM)meetdilip Wrote: How did you search / find out ?

I search by topic title and no result ! why ? and what I must do to get results ?
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You won't get indexed in Google for every search term straight away, it will take a long time and you will need a lot of content to do so. How old is your forum?
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Without an URL and a proper SEO analysis of your site the question is meaningless.

It's possible that the URL is in the index but so far back in the index that you may be under the impression that it is not in the index.

Asking for SEO advice here is probably beyond the scope of this forum, you should probably do some research on some dedicated SEO forums / platforms.
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what is your forum url?

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