VPS/Dedicated Server MyBB Services
VPS/Dedicated Server MyBB Services

Hello! Do you run MyBB on shared hosting and want to migrate to a VPS or dedicated server? Or are you currently running MyBB on a VPS/dedicated server and want to switch between Apache/nginx or MySQL/PostgreSQL? I'm a professional Linux systems administrator with 5 years of experience, I have helped to manage the servers of two extremely large MyBB forums and used to run my own forum too. I can be hired to perform any of the following services;
  • migrate your MyBB forum from shared hosting to a VPS or dedicated server
  • install MyBB on your pre-configured* VPS or dedicated server
  • install nginx, PHP or PostgreSQL/MariaDB on your VPS or dedicated server, and optionally install MyBB too
  • perform configuration edits to nginx, PHP or PostgreSQL/MariaDB to improve the performance of your MyBB forum
  • harden the security of your forum if running on a VPS or dedicated server
If you need any services for MyBB on shared hosting, or work such as plugin/theme installation or customisation I highly suggest you contact Ben, or check out his MyBB services here.


Basic Deployment - $30.00 USD
Includes the following services;
  • Installation of nginx, PHP-FPM, Memcached and PostgreSQL on a fresh VPS/dedicated server**
  • Configuration of the above services to meet the specifications of your server and optimised for MyBB
  • Installation of MyBB on the newly prepared server

Enhanced Deployment - $50.00 USD
Includes the following services;
  • Everything from the Basic Deployment package
  • Security best practices and configurations applied. hardened PHP configuration
  • Certbot installed to generate and automatically renew free Let's Encrypt TLS certificates
  • Systemd/cron used to manage the MyBB tasks system to ensure they run consistently
  • Automatic filesystem and database backups configured (twice weekly, or nightly)


I take payment in PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

There is no set fee for anything I have mentioned above, except for any predefined packages. Each contract is decided on a case-by-case basis due to the unpredictability of your existing infrastructure or configuration. I usually charge around $15 per hour for my time though. My prices are probably more expensive than most people on this forum to do the same work, but I like to think that you get peace of mind your service is being handled by a professional and I take great care to meet your expectations when you hire me.

* If you need additional software such as PHP or a database server installing, this will cost a little more
** I do not provide the VPS/dedicated server, you must pre-purchase one yourself
Good luck with the service kawaii Smile
- MyBB Heart
Vouch, kawaii definitely knows a lot about Linux systems, he's helped me countless times and remained professional throughout. You'll have no issues if you use his services.

Which web hosts and infrastructure providers do you use to for virtual a dedicated servers for your clients. Please also tell m w what kind of Web Server do you use for MyBB - Apache, Nginx, or anything else?
(2019-01-14, 01:59 PM)HostColor Wrote: Kawaii,

Which web hosts and infrastructure providers do you use to for virtual a dedicated servers for your clients. Please also tell m w what kind of Web Server do you use for MyBB - Apache, Nginx, or anything else?

Personally I use Google Cloud Platform for my own projects, but past clients of mine who can't afford such high-end virtual infrastructure I recommended to use RamNode who are a more affordable option to most people.

Regarding server software I always use nginx, and PHP-FPM as the backend. I always recommend the PostgreSQL database backend too - as it is the most performant and reliable when compared to MySQL/MariaDB.

Hope this helped to answer your questions!
Just a few words about @kawaii's services.

After debating for a long time (6 months+), I finally took the plunge to move my entire website over to VPS.
(I won't go over all of the reasons why. I might open up another thread on another forum here in MyBB discussing this)

After seeing this thread from kawaii offering his services for setting up new websites on VPS. I asked him if he could transfer my website over to VPS. It was a slightly higher charge, but very reasonable. I accepted his charge and requested this service.

If you read the previous threads, kawaii did suggest a VPS service and recommended a package for the new VPS setup.

Here's what I have now:

RamNode - My new VPS service - Recommended by kawaii and it was very, very cheap for a monthly charge. So cheap, that I ended up pre-paying for 12 months.
nginx - Something new for me. My old setup used Apache, but from what I see/hear, nginx is supposed to be a bit faster.
PHP-FPM  7.2.14-1 - Latest version and all of my current plugins are working fine under this version.
MySQLi 5.6.41 - Latest version. This is the version that most MyBB admins are using these days. 
Adminer 4.7.0 - The replacement of phpMyAdmin - It is "vanilla" looking compared to phpMyAdmin, but all of the functions/features are the same. The learning curve for using Adminer is very small. (updated to 4.7.1 on February 6, 2019)
Let's Encrypt SSL - Free SSL certificate that is renewable every 90 days. Google this for more information.
Ubuntu 16.04 - Google this to get more info about this Linux distro.

If you want to set up your new or current website on a VPS, kawaii is an excellent choice to make this happen for you.

DISCLAIMER - Even though kawaii did state this in the 1st post in this thread... I'll say it again here.
You MUST obtain your own VPS service BEFORE you can have kawaii do this installation/configuration service for you.

As for recommending VPS service, I already mentioned RamNode. DigitalOcean is the other. 
Click on either link and compare prices/services for your area. 
Prices may differ from what I got.
I'm Serpius and You're Not    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I had the pleasure to work with kawaii as he was optimizing our MySQL and nginx configurations for a pretty huge forum with about 10k daily unique visitors.
Communication was pretty nice and fast. He provided a detailed changelog and always had an answer to every question I came up with, even for complex stuff.

Thanks kawaii, I'll definitely get back to once I need more to be done!
My services are still available to those who are interested. I have some free time over the weekend for new clients.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
I can vouch for his service. It was a quick and easy server migration, I gave him the backup and cloudflare access and he quickly migrated the site. Would buy from again
Bump! Service is still active, feel free to reach out for anything Linux or MyBB related. Smile

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