[For 1.8] Clickable PMs in tracking page (UCP)
Tracking personal messages page in UCP is quite useful MyBB feature BUT it misses easily way how to see the content of the message which was send. 

This small simple javascript will automatically make all PMs thread clickable on the fly so you will know the content of the message.

1) Open ACP -> Template and Styles -> Your theme -> Private messaging template group -> find and open private_tracking template

2) Add this block of code just above the {$footer}

        $( "input[name*='readcheck']" ).each(function(){
            var link = rootpath + "/private.php?action=read&pmid=" + (parseInt($(this).attr('name').match(/\d+/)) + 1);
            $(this).parent('td').siblings('td:eq( 1 )').wrapInner('<a href=' + link + '>');

3) Save and check your /private.php?action=tracking page Smile

All credits go to @effone, he is an author of JS code above, I just share this tutorial. Thank you very much!
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