Looking for MySubscription for 30 minutes
Hello MyBB community!

I have a request,
I need something in the same way as MySubscriptions,
I want to be able to put someone for 30 minutes or 1 hour in a group like MySubscription does.
But, MySubscription doesn't allow me to put less then 1 day.

We can discuss anything in dm, but please reply on this thread if you know what I'm looking for or if you can help me out

Edit: Wrong section, please move to plugin requests
Just a tip, I don't have enough time now to apply. Putting someone in a group for such a short period of time requires you to use crons rather than MyBB's in-built task manager, which is used by MySubscription and all related plugins for groups management. I don't know what's their latest availability on the market but last time I used them I was not on a shared hosting but a dedicated one.
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