Not Solved Missing posts & strange characters after merge
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I've just done a test merge from PHPBB to MyBB and have a few issues:

1. I seem to be missing over 20,000 posts! I didn't receive any errors regarding posts not being copied over

2. I seem to have markup characters in every post:-


I'm Martin, a new member from South Wales UK. I have a ....... since I'm a young kid! <E>{}</E> <E>:b</E></r>

Can these be removed or is there a setting in the merge to stop this happening.

3. I don't seem to have any avatars or attachments. Is it possible to manually copy these over?

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have you tried using recount & rebuild tools available at
tools & maintenance section of MyBB forum admin panel ...

replies here can be helpful => [attachments & avatars] | [codes in post]
Not Solved
I did try that but the posts didn't reappear.

I've deleted everything and am trying again. I have now imported posts without conversion to UTF-8 (so that might get rid of the funny characters).

I am now stuck on importing avatars and attachments. I have told the merge system to continue automatically until the task is completed, but it just sits there after importing the first page saying "please wait" and goes no further. Last time I clicked the "next" button to progress through the pages but ended up with no avatars and no attachments.

I looked at the post you mentioned, but my forums are both on the same server, and I don't get any error messages.


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