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How to add user search field to plugin(like in search.php)?
If any member help? I build tournament plugin and I need user search fields.
I need something similar Sad
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I really would like to code such plugin for my own use in the future.

Regarding your question via PM, I don't recommend you to make the search field case sensitive, as it should be the other way around (MyBB username is case insensitive).

Your question is too open, so the only answer I can provide is a suggestion to check my OUGC Awards, it uses a username input field to grant and remove awards with a multiple users at once feature.
Is there any mods which replacing default "user search field", it's too complicated with very bloated css file,
for such small and simple thing like user search filed (about 700 lines of css code (!!) in select2.css).
Was it created by someone with pretty strong drug addiction? Big Grin Maybe some of css is required to work on IE 3-6,
but what kind of idiot uses it nowadays, if such idiots really exist, I don't want to see these slow people on my forum for sure Smile
IMO 10-20 lines of css with some simple javascript should be more than enough.
if you'll see user search field in SMF 2.0, you'll be surprised how it's simple and lightweight,
[Image: M6MCIbA.png]
but it got 100% same functionality, this search field is pretty ugly part of code in MyBB IMO.
May be some solution how to replace it is already present? Some custom plugin? Theme where to get new code?
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I'm unsure about what I was going to code as a "plugin" tbh, but removing select2 support shouldn't be difficult.
When I'll have some time, I'll try to port SMF 2 user search field as MyBB plugin,
it's much more lightweight, so you'll have much less problems with it.
Also it's even possible to rewrite it and add to MyBB code, because SMF 2 is BSD licensed.
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