Admin CP Forum Management web page scroll issue
For some reason, scrolling the webpage while in Admin CP=>Forums & Posts tab=> Permissions subtab=> edit Permissions, seems to be a problem in the browsers I have tested (Chrome 71.0.3578.98 and Edge  44.17763.1.0 - latest auto updated versions as of today's date).  

Much of this page extends below the bottom of the browser window, but no scroll bar appears to allow me to access the hidden material, and this page does not respond in the normal way to mouse wheel scrolling (others in Admin CP work normally).

I found that zooming my browser window right out will allow me to see the hidden material below, but of course, then the text is vanishingly small.

So, in general, a user never gets to edit the permissions unless they happen to be on a very large monitor in which the permissions editing area is visible.

To replicate, simply populate your installation with enough user groups such that the list of them runs off the bottom of your screen in Admin CP=>Forums & Posts tab=> Permissions subtab. Then attempt to edit forum permissions for a user group by clicking on the 'edit permissions' link .
Paul King
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