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Generate random password at registration
I'd like to see a random password created on registration or at least a button for "Generate Password" that fits the settings. I have 12 character complex minimum and believe it or not I get dumb people who say that their password doesn't work to join and are too stupid to count to 12 correctly. Happens way more than you'd think. If a button was there to generate a password (JS probably) it would be a nice feature.

As for as OPs suggestion, which I have now have officially hijacked (sorry), I think it can be done in a plugin easily. I don't believe it should be core. I'd also not trust sending even a sha1 string to HIBP. You can't be sure they aren't data mining.

Quote:why isn't StopForumSpam a plugin, why isn't Google's recaptcha a plugin

Those are real solutions to very persistent threats towards forums. Someone using a known password is just stupidity and not really an attack on the forum itself. If you're going around joining websites with the same credentials imho you deserve to lose your account. Also these are forum accounts, not bank accounts. If they get hacked it's usually not a financial lose involved.
I would personally support the suggestion to generate a random password button. Like you say, I don't use a standard password for any of my accounts and I would be surprised if anyone did.

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Yep, I agree with that too. It shouldn't be too difficult to implement either.

I hope you don't mind Labrocca, but I've split your post out into a separate thread so it's harder to lose that suggestion.

Your feature suggestion has been accepted as a planned feature to be implemented in MyBB. Thanks for your contribution!
wow That be A cool Feature A Password generator
We added one to HF. Works with simple JS. You can check how it works. You don't need to complete registration btw.

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