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I know that you can search for the titles of templates in adminCP, but am I missing where you can search within templates? (%like% '<td class="tcat">')
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template editor has search facility.
Quote:Start searching --> Ctrl + F / Cmd + F

Find next --> Ctrl + G / Cmd + G

Find previous --> Shift + Ctrl + G / Shift + Cmd + G

Replace --> Shift + Ctrl + F / Cmd + Option + F

Replace all --> Shift + Ctrl + R / Shift + Cmd + Option + F

Persistent search --> Alt + F
(dialog doesn't autoclose,
use Enter Key to find next,
Shift + Enter Key to find previous)

Jump to line --> Alt + G

however using template search facility can be confusing !
instead you may like to try using browser search facility
- click out side of template & use CTRL + F

if browser search facility does not work as expected then
you can turn off code mirror and use normal browser search !

forum admin panel >> Home >> preferences >> Turn on / off Code Mirror --> select off
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Sorry, I should have been more specific. I meant, searching for ALL templates that contain a certain query (rather than going into the database and using the %like% search parameter).
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well, searching in all templates is also available (see this reply)

Quote:forum admin panel --> templates --> Search/Replace (tab) --> Search/Replace --> Search For <--
enter the code AND do not enter anything in Replace With (Optional) ; click on Find and Replace
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oooohhhhhhhhhhhh! I saw that but assumed it was search and replace, not just search. Thank you Smile

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