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Eastfarthing Forums! - Tolkien and beyond...
Hey all!

Eastfarthing Forums - a forum converted from InvisionFree, to IPB 1.3, all just to get it to the great and powerful MyBB. We worked really hard to get it to MyBB and I am so glad it was.

We have discussion on basically everything tolkien including The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, preceding books and books that came later. Also discussion on the movies. We are just getting snug with MyBB, but more features on the way.

Reviews welcome! Big Grin
[Image: premium_mybb_themes-500x100.png]
I browsed around it for a bit, as I just finished the Sil for the first time and wanted to see what other people had to say Smile

I like the theme, very clean.
Sold all personal MyBB related projects (WiiLoaded, vgZero, etc).
Currently working as IT manager for a company that uses MyBB for parts of their site.

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