Not Solved [Error Message] Email issue: "The SMTP server rejected the supplied SMTP password."
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Hi guys,

I have just realized that for some time no emails have been going out.
I have changed from PHP to SMTP, but now I get the following error message when I look in the logs:

Quote:The SMTP server rejected the supplied SMTP password. Reason: 535 5.7.0 Too many IPs sent through this mailbox recently, please try again later

The credentials are correct, but with the exception of my first attempt, no emails have been going out.

I have also been reviewing some older threads and I believe that all the settings are correct (but perhaps not...). Also, I have been exchanging emails with my email provider, and they say that everything should be OK as far as they can see (and I can email out using the same email address I use in the forum).

The only difference is that my e-mail client has an ecription TSL/SSL, while the forum allows only either of them.

Any advice would be very welcome.

Small update, the email provider have been back and forth trying this, that and the other, but still NO JOY. I only get a variety of errors.
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The given error message (Too many IPs sent through this mailbox recently) looks like the SMTP server is limiting or blocking access based on the IP address that is connecting to it (eg: your web server).. It looks like a rate limit, which might mean you can only send a limited number of messages via SMTP at a time.
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I have no idea what the problem is, but, yes, I think the provblem is with the email. I have now changed it to a different one (same SMTP) and now it seems to be working fine...
I will keep pestering my provider.

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