Not Solved The post and thread counts on my forum are all at zero
Not Solved
Hi all Smile

I am having this problem on the main index page and also on user profiles. And in searches I think. Strangely though the threads and posts (and views) all show up fine on forumdisplay.php and maybe other places.

I tried recount and rebuild including in the cache manager and also checked the _forums table in the database and it says that usepostcounts and usethreadcounts are set to 1 for all forums.

Currently I have just 1 plugin installed ( ) and one theme ( ).

I have edited the code a little bit myself but I think only the css and template files for my theme. The problem remains when I switch back to the default theme as well.

Does anyone know what might be happening? I think it worked totally fine yesterday evening. The forum is very new though as I made it yesterday afternoon!

Thanks Smile
Not Solved
Try this.
[Image: sig2.jpg]
Not Solved
(2019-02-01, 01:20 AM)iAndrew Wrote: Try this.

I just tried it, but no change Sad

EDIT -- I mean, even in the database all the post counts and stuff say zero. I'm not sure if that rules out it being a cache problem? I suppose it must do.

Does no-one else have any suggestions? I can provide a forum link by PM if anyone wants but the forum is political and so I didn't want to cause any drama by sharing the link publicly.

It's a shame that this issue persists because I've fixed a couple of other problems I had and also the forum is looking fairly polished and ready to go, but this came out of the blue and really stopped everything in its tracks Sad

Also if there were some way to donate monthly in order to get faster support and stuff I'd definitely consider it if it wasn't too expensive, because I do like mybb but getting rapid support would be just excellent and something that I think a lot of users would be happy to pay for.

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