Not Solved Show all posts based on date (not just latest unseen posts)
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I would like to get a list of all the latest posts so that I can go through each one and see if it should be deleted for being spam or not. 

I found that there is a URL you can get the "latest posts" by:

But the "action=getnew" works really badly - it seems to just show new posts compared to when I last visited the site (or something of that kind). Most of the time it is just empty and doesn't show any posts to me. 

I want a list of the latest posts (no matter if I have seen them before or not). It can for example be a list of all posts on the site with the newest posts first.

How do I get a list like that?
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You can create links with a modified query like this:
that'll give you the last seven days of posts, regardless whether they've been read by you or not

Change the number according to your needs and you're done.

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