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Not Solved Document depository
Not Solved
Sinse I am hosting a Tech board, I would like to have a central depository for documents, Procedures, maybe even patches, etc can this be done

Keith Miller

MyBB Version 1.8.15

PHP Version 7.2.10-0ubuntu0.18.04.1
SQL Engine MySQLi 5.7.25
Not Solved
I'm unsure what exactly you are looking for but xThreads allows you to upload files to threads. MyDownloads is also useful but a paid script.
Not Solved
This is what I was thinking, you have a board that deals with a dell computer, might have a depository for all drivers, documents and whatever for that computer, maybe drivers for a NIC or Video cards or just plan ole Procedures for installing some application
Not Solved
xThreads is a powerful plugin that allows you to manipulate threads beyond what the core system would ever allow you to. What you describe seems possible to me if using that plugin.

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