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Hi guys,

for some reason I cannot log in to the forum. I can access the admin panel, but that's it.
If I register as a new user I am logged in, but if I log out I cannot log back in.

The cookies seem right (and they were right un until the other day...)
I have already deleted cookies, etc.
I have already tried different browsers.

I have upgraded the version of MyBB, but it seemed to be working... In the past few days I kept logging in and out bcause I was trying something out (regarding emails).

Any ideas?

I am running a "file verification" and it says that "inc/functions.php" has been changed. It has been running for some time an no other files ghave been mentioned. How long is the verification supposed to last for?
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What do you mean by trying something out?
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I was changing the default email address and upgraded to 1.8.19.

In any case, I seem to have solved the problem. I have changed the them to the default one and back and now it works. Don't ask me why, though...

No. False positive. The problem is back, BUT I have managed to isolate it. It seems that the problem is my theme Sad When I am not logged on it doesn't make me log on. However if I use as a default theme the default MyBB one, I can log on fine.

Any advice is welcome.

I have had a look at the changes in the theme, but as I have not changed anything...

I have tried a few themes that I have saved on my MyBB installation and they all present the same problem, except the default one and another one. For now my visitors are enjpying the default theme. I think the easier theing to do is to get a newer responsive theme (but they are in short supply).
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What actually happens when you try to login?
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I am not logged in. Wink I end up on a page where (I think) it says taht there were no results and to search for something else or something like that.

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