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I bet 2.0 Never happens
I'm almost certain MyBB 2.0 won't be released. 

1. Its been way too long
2. Forums are dying anyway and people aren't active on them let alone contributing software, so why continue a project with such effort? 

This is probably gonna get trashed by staff. And that is stupid because we (community) should be able to openly talk about this here. There's nothing to fuel motivation anymore. Developers aren't paid. What kind of business model is this?

It's not long before major forum software groups close their doors.
Xenforo just released 2.1, IPB 4.4, Discourse 2.2. Yes, forums are dying.
You are so entusiast.

I have seen your joined date into the forums, and your statistics. So what can we spect with people like you talking that way, this project is one of the most used and people like it. Maybe you are not in here and not at a day so the priority is to release 1.9 then 1.10 versions of mybb. New 2.0 was pendant so people is working too much but you can give them a hand as you said we as community have to CONTRIBUTE, if you will you can test the new versions, send PRs and more, so come on put at least a part on the project seriously.

We know the project have not the same activity but all people have many things to do and it is not a paid job only they likewhat they do so many of us try to contribute at least giving support to users on our lang and give them support, contribute with some projects in here and more. And most of the work in here is for free and many users and forums have it.

You can pay to someone if you need some kind of improvement or so. That way your forums will be at your own needs and that is the magic of mybb everyone can make own projects at their own needs.

I have seen a plenty of projects that are very different and very nice and use mybb, but if you t the page you wont know it really because those sites are amazing, i see many of them and have workedwith many people but this is a work that have to be maded with calm and patience to get awesome results.

I think right now is a very usefull project and you can do it what you want it, and the new addons that cames may take a long time but they are working asap so only be patience that is all.
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Plugins 1.6.x

Plugins 1.8.x

(02-10-2019, 04:32 AM)/r/ Wrote: What kind of business model is this?


I have two two websites running this script, and one of them doesn't care for user registrations. You vision is just blur. You have no use for the script? Oh, O.K. Nice to know, I suppose.
The history says rewrite is always a fail idea. But we have to do this to modernize our codebase, so the alternative way to success is refactoring, which we are following right now.

This will happen considering the fact that MyBB is not bound to any commercial commitment or time restrictions. This is matter of joy and passion for some enthusiast contributors.

Instead of throwing demoralizing comments from the distance involve yourself and contribute (if you have abilities). Thinking positive and doing something for good will not cost you.
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(02-10-2019, 04:32 AM)/r/ Wrote: I'm almost certain MyBB 2.0 won't be released. 

That's nice.

The sad part is if you'd actually done your research you'd note that, whilst there has been no official progress on 2.0 in some time, 1.9 is nearly here, which will be followed by 1.10; both of which address many of the issues with 1.8 - such as responsive theme, etc.
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We already announced 2.0 was on hold, confirming that we don't have plans to release 2.0 any time soon. I can understand how that could be missed if you were only checking in every so often, but we did post a blog post about it a while back.

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