Not Solved Signing in more than 1 admin on MYBB ACP
Not Solved

Our community has moved over to MyBB and as one of the managers, it is my role to ensure this is a quick and smooth transition over. I am having trouble with the ACP and logging into it. 

We have around 5 people that need access to the ACP and every time we log in with the Username/Password, it times the other persons out. Is there a subaccount that needs to be made or is this something that has to be done within the config?

Your time is much appreciated

Kind Regards

Not Solved
MyBB has built in security where the first 3 octets of your ip address must match or it gets logged out. It can also be set where it must be a full match for all 4 octets. Each person should have their own admin account. Each admin account can have permissions set by the super admin ( This account userid will be in your inc/config.php file and is usually 1.)

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