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Not Solved Anybody have a Moderator tutorial for newbies?
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New 1.8 board. Private board for 200 member board for a professional organization, but this group can get rowdy at times so I am recruiting Moderators to help out from the more technical savvy membership. However, the level of technical skill is not high and they are going to need some guidance.

Moderation will be "after the fact", not advance moderation prior to posting.

I have searched documentation and online and can find no entries or tutorial for Moderation so I am looking at the prospect of having to write one myself, unless somebody has already done it and is willing to share.

I am talking about things as simple as:

Want to edit an individual post? : Look for the "Edit" button a the bottom of the post and choose "Full" or "Quick"
Want to delete posts from a thread?  Look for the little numbered box to the right,  click to mark the posts, scroll to the bottom and choose .... etc etc
The difference between soft delete and permanent delete is ....

Any help appreciated.
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I have a document on how to run a community, but not one that talks about each of the moderator tools. If you are interested in the guide on how to run a community you can find my guide here
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Thanks. Several interesting points I will pass on to whatever team I build, but as you say, not quite what I was looking for.

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The documentation MyBB 1.6 its out day but have some good information:

- Moderators
- Moderation Queue
- Moderator Toolbox

See the Docs of MyBB 1.8

Some Videos:
-MyBB Note Moderator

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