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htaccess tossing 500 no matter what I do
Fairly sure it is a host provider, but I am done trying to figure this out and tried everything I know.

So here is the deal, New install 1.8.19.  Followed all the readme docs. Website is in the root no subs just straight
Now I am simply using the stock htaccess.txt "YES" i rename it

I put the file in root and I get 500
I turn on Friendly SEO I get 500 or URL not found

I can dumb it down to a basic rewrite and that works with out SEO enabled.  Not having it at all works with no issues.  I see nothing in logs that I have access
Okay, did you try with a fresh .htaccess with empty content ?
Make sure htaccess is .htaccess
If it’s a 500, the actual error will display in your error_log. Go and look for it.
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